Betin Güneş: Founder + Conductor

Betin Güneş - Conductor
Betin Güneş - Conductor

Composer - Conductor - Pianist

This are just three properties of Betin Güneş, founder of the TCO with turkish decent.


His music career started in his childhood in Istanbul and since then it has always been on the fast lane. Six degrees and one brilliant degree in a master class held by the master conductor Sergiu Celibidache speak for themselves.


His creativity is volatile, his energy seems to be inexhaustible, because he has endlessly much to tell with his music.


Since 1980 Betin Güneş lives in Cologne. For him music is an universal language and integration platform at a time. In the process he arouses mutual interest and understanding and he is a unconditional conveyor of young musicians.


As a worldwide demanded hospitable conductor he travelled about Europe, Asia and USA - from Brasil to South-Korea - from Sweden to Spain. Like that he worked together with some of the world famous orchestras, i.a. with the London Symphony Orchestra, the Berliner Philharmoniker, the WDR-Rundfunkorchester, the Scotish Chamber Orchestra and all national Symphony Orchestras of Turkey.


With the foundation of the Turkish Chamber Orchestra he created an own solid ensemble with which he contributed a part to "fix the world with help of music".