Betin Güneş' Turkish Chamber Orchestra
Betin Güneş' Turkish Chamber Orchestra

Art - especially music - always was one of the most important possibilities of communication between people. Classical music is understood everywhere and has listeners all over the world.


''Music has no limits. There are people from several different nations in the orchestras I work with. The listeners understand our common musical language but they also feel every individual mood of the musicians. This mixture leads life into the music and creates a consistent world-wide language.'' like this the founder and leader of the TCO Betin Güneş points out his philosophie.


With a broad repertoire of music from Classic to Avantgarde all over the world the musicians around Betin Güneş cause unforgettable concert experiences.


Additionally to own compositions by Betin Güneş the listeners experience and discover known compositions completly new because Betin Güneş adapts them specially to the musicians of the TCO. Those are not just arrangements or edits. By the confrontation of east and west Betin Güneş creates together with the TCO an up-to-date musical language that moves the listeners and touches their inside.


All instruments of a complete Symphony Orchestra are represented in the TCO. A single instrumentation of strings, woodwinds and brass players combined with harp, piano and percussion instruments build the germ cell of the TCO. Thus makes both a transparent chamber music and a big symphonic sound impression possible.


In addition the concept permits a very flexible instrumentation and allows to make music with small groups up to a complete Symphony Orchestra.


2x     Violin I

2x     Violin II

2x     Viola

2x     Violoncello

2x     String bass






Flute, Piccolo






Trumpet, Flugelhorn


Percussion instruments


Timbals, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Tubular bells, drums, Tam-tam, Cymbal, Conga, Chimes, Gongs, ...


World instruments

Cajon, Darbuka, Finger-cymbal, ...